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As your ‘financial coach’, we work with you to keep you focused on your long-term goals and report on your progress as you pass various milestones on your way to achieving them

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Through assessing your insurance needs, at Woods Financial, we can build you the perfect plan to help safeguard yourself and your families way of life

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We work with you to define your retirement goals and construct a strategy to achieve them, including Self Managed Super Funds.

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Our planners also specialize in will creation and estate planning as this is a key part of you and your families’ future, both financially and personally

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Welcome to Woods Financial

Why you need to visit us

The financial future you and your family dream of is closer to you than you’d think- but it won’t happen on its own. You might want to build your dream home, set yourself up for retirement, create a security blanket for your family or start a business, but it’s hard to know whether it’s possible or how to get started. Sorting out your financial situation is never an easy task and finding the perfect options for your situation is almost impossible without help.
Taking steps towards financial freedom is easier than you think and the team at Woods Financial helps you take those steps by generating the perfect plan tailored to your needs and goals. Whether you’re looking to purchase a property or organise your estate, your superannuation or your insurances, Woods Financial works with you to secure the financial outcome you want to achieve. Our team, located in Brisbane, is working to finance Australia through providing a complete financial environment within which you and your family can thrive. Through our work providing financial planning, we tailor a financial portfolio to your financial goals, advising you on the best investments, super plans and insurances for your situation. We work to organise and manage your superannuation to ensure that your retirement fund works seamlessly with your financial goals. This can involve superannuation through a super company, or self-managed super, options we talk you through to create a super management plan tailored to your situation. We find out about your insurance needs and find the perfect cover that works for you. Estate planning is an important part of the financial planning process, which we highly encourage you to include. Having your affairs in order gives you and your family the security of knowing that if the worst were to happen, you or your family won’t have to worry about money.
We also work closely with elite mortgage brokers, providing finance broking to Australian investors just like you. Our comprehensive range of services puts our team in the unique position of seeing your financial situation and being able to provide solutions for every problem, improving your situation and working towards your goals.
In short, Woods Financial services present you with the tools to create your financial future. Through working with you on creating a complete financial plan, we assist you to see the goals you want to reach, and help you get there. To find out more, book an appointment.

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What Our Clients Say

Achieving financial freedom early in life so we can enjoy time with our growing family, is very important to us. Ralph has been with us all the way starting with the purchase of our first property while we were both still studying, the subsequent financing of investment properties and securing our incomes and livelihood; we are well on our way to financial freedom. Ralph has always been a trustworthy source of information and has helped steer us through economic down times. We look forward to many more years of his friendship and guidance.

Luke and Michelle Mitchell
Medical Doctors

Congrats on the 4 years Woodsie! You are a truly magnificent man and are inspiring to witness. I love it when you talk about leaving a legacy and I know that you are not just talking about yourself and your family because I see what you do for your team and the greater community. The world needs more men like you!

David Matthews