Here are some FAQs to help you know us better.

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What is Financial planning?

Financial planning is professional help that works with you to make the most of your financial situation while creating a comfortable future for you and your family. Based on your goals, Woods Financial will customise a plan to help you reach your targets and secure your financial future. With our expert financial advice, we will bring you peace of mind and the financial security you seek –protecting your present and investing in your future.

What does Woods Financial do? How can you help me?

At Woods Financial, our goal is to help you reach your financial goals and success. We are in a position to see your financial situation from the outside and provide professional tailored solutions. Acting more as a financial coach, we encourage you to keep you focused on your long-term goals and report on your progress as you pass various milestones.

What are the benefits of financial advice?

Financial planning is a partnership between you and Woods Financial that begins and ends with your goals. We work with you to assess your situation identify your needs and goals. We develop, implement and manage your strategy to allow you to achieve your goals though our sensible and straightforward advice.

Why use a financial planner?

Few people in their working years have the time required to do a good job of managing their finances. At Woods Financial, we not only encourage you to make time to review your overall financial status but will coach you and provide efficient structures that make it easy for you to save, invest and focus on what’s important to you.

Do you need financial advice?

Yes! No matter where you are in life, it’s never too early to start planning your finances for your future. At Woods Financial, we can help you at every juncture of your life, whether you’re starting a new job, buying a new house, raising a family, creating financial protection for your spouse, planning a major life change, starting a business or preparing for retirement. Our long term professional advice coupled with a tailored financial plan can make your goals a reality.

What is Woods Financial’s approach and how do you work?

We understand that every customer is different from their financial situation to their goals. We follow a simple but effective method to ensure that your goals are met and your financial strategies are always up to date. Check out the Our Approach page of our website to find out more.

How much does financial planning cost?

Initial consultation at Woods Financial is free. At your first consultation, we will help you understand the process of financial planning, discuss your financial situation and guide you on the best course to achieve your financial aims and goals. Should you let Woods Financial advice you, we will be upfront of any fees and charges which will be adjusted based on your financial needs and goals.

What does my financial planner need to know about me?

To help your Woods Financial consultant develop an accurate and effective strategy to reach your financial goals, we have to understand your situation completely. We will use information such as:

  • - Your age.
  • - Income - now and what you expect to be earning in the future.
  • - How many dependants you have.
  • - Everyday expenses - how much it costs you to live now.
  • - Possible future expenses - having a family, education, travel, house renovations.
  • - How much tax you pay now (and/or owe).
  • - How much you have in assets (house, car, shares, valuables).
  • - How much you owe in loans (mortgage, personal loans, credit card debt).
  • - Amount you have invested in superannuation or other investments.
  • - Insurance - what are you covered for already, and how much would you receive in case of a claim?
If you have any concerns about the way we treat the information collected, see our privacy policy.

What happens once I have a financial plan?

After we implement your financial plan, keep us up to date! At different stages of your life, your situation and your goals may change. At Woods Financial, we will adapt and update your financial plans to better help you reach your goals.

What ongoing services does Woods Financial provide?

  • - Reviewing progress in achieving your financial goals, and revising strategies as required.
  • - Investment portfolio valuations and reviews.
  • - Information on new investment opportunities.
  • - Ongoing consultations as and when required.