Our Approach

We want you to have the financial future that you dream of

Here at Woods Financial our focus is you. We want you to have the financial future that you dream of and we want to help you get there. Therefore, we approach every client as an individual with a future that we can help them achieve and it works. From there we create a tailored plan that works for you and your family, that suits your lifestyle and your financial goals.

The Process

1. Assess and Identify: The first step is your appointment. When you make an appointment with Woods Financial, you start a process with us that we go through with every client to assess your needs and fulfill your financial goals. You sit down with Ralph and work out what you want out of your finances and what your goals are. We assess where you are right now and begin to figure out what you’ll need and what we will implement.
2. Develop: At the office, we begin to develop wealth creation and protection strategies. We find the products best suited to your needs and find the ideal way to implement them in your financial plan.
3. Implement: When we’ve found the perfect strategy and you give the go ahead, we implement these.
4. Manage: We manage the ongoing risk from your protection strategy in your portfolio. We adjust your portfolio at different stages of your life depending on your changing situation and needs.
5. Review: We review your strategies with you to ensure that when your life changes, your plan can change too. At this step you have a variety of options if your goals or circumstances change and Woods Financial can reassess with you to construct a strategy better suited to your changed situation.
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